Before meeting Dod, we were like Amazonian tribesman believing that a picture robbed ones very soul creating a horde of mindless zombies and flooding the Halls of the Damned.  Now that we’ve worked with Dod everything has changed!  Skies are once again sunny, stars dance in the heavens and church choirs sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.  And it’s all down to that fashionable fabulous photographer Dod Morrison. DODSPEED!

Andy K – Noise Agents
Much travelled, respected and loyal to the cause, Dod a true camera warrior (a term of endearment) can be found in the pit of many a gig. I watch intently sometimes thinking “I hope you have good insurance” because those cameras don’t come cheap, however guys like Dod would never dream of not getting in the thick of the action because he knows to get some of the great shots that he does, he is gonna be right there amidst the sweaty arm flinging, leg kicking, action packed pit.
What I admire about Dod is as busy as things can get he always finds time for a natter, even if he’s doing the Rebellion gig and we know how hectic it gets there and always smiling and ready to click anyone who poses on the spur of the moment.
Smile you’re on Dod’s camera ;-)

Jake Burns – SLF
Not just a nice guy, but an ace photographer, dod is top!

Jello Biafra
Sorry, cameraphonies there is no substitute for the real thing. He can even make someone like me look good!

Jimmy Pursey Sham 69 - March 2013
Dod knows what you want to see passion and punk in a pic

Peter Test Tube - March 2013
Dod gets right in there - in areas other photographers dare to tread.
That's why he always comes up with such excellent  pictures.

Eugene Butcher - Big Cheese Publishing Ltd - March 2013
Dod Morrison is the hardest working photographer in showbusiness! Always out at gigs come rain or shine, down the front, taking brilliant pictures of some the biggest bands around! He's a real asset to our business.

Colin McFaull - Cock Sparrer
We love having Dob (our name for him) around our gigs. He not only takes great live shots from out front but is also always professional and unobtrusive backstage as well and has an eye for capturing the best images, even during the quieter moments. He also has this special magic lens that makes us look slim and athletic..a real bonus.

Beki & Paul - Vice Squad 2011
... DOD .. now there is a Scot with an eye for a fantastic photo...
A true road warrior, none of your namby pamby sit-at-home armchair antics with this fellow, he gets out on the road and suffers alongside the band until he gets that perfect shot. We find his photos humorous, revealing and very exciting... ...anyone that thought great photos are born by simply picking a punk band, pointing a camera and pressing a button is very mistaken, unless, of course that camera is being wielded by DOD !!

......Honesty....thats what Dod\'s photos give you...Punk at its finest or worst,if every photographer were as honest we would not have to put up with all this commercial shit we have to endure....keep it up mate.....keep it live...keep it real....

Roddy "Radation" Byers - (The Specials lead guitarist)
Dod Morrison took some brilliant photos on the Specials Spring/Summer U.K. 30th Reunion tour, so I've asked him to do the same again on the second half of The Specials 30th Reunion November U.K tour

Big Wheel Magazine
Very well rounded photojournalist, he is able to capture moments that tell stories and make you wish you were at the show with him -in music media, this is what it is all about. Dod is certainly one of our key photographers

Johnny Skullknuckles from Goldblade and Anl
Dod is the Scots David Baily - anyone for an Olympus Trip

Gogsy from the Threats
Threats have had photo's taken by various photographers over the years but only 2 stand out. Back in the day (1981) the legendary Pete Stanway...where is he now. ....and now? No one beats dod. As far as we\'re concerned you have to know what your shooting and dod has that quality. The timing, the point of view. I'd like to think we can use Dod for our new album sleeve. (is he cheap...find out ).

Dick Lucas from the Subhumans
You dont have to be a pro to get good photos, just friendly and focussed

Bryn from Proud Mary
Great photos!!!! Thanks so much. Let\'s go on the road?

Notorious Colleen Caffeine from Choking Susan
Your photos are like still films...each one telling a full wordless emotional story

Ed Tudor Pole
Captures all the excitement and the action of the rock 'n' roll show