The Cult @ Music hall Aberdeen March 2016


The Cult, Music Hall  Aberdeen 3-3-16

The Cult sold out show at the Music Hall in Aberdeen was the hottest ticket town, having been sold out for quite a while. They were promoting a new album called "Hidden City" and this was their first UK tour in 3 years. It was also the first time the band had played Aberdeen in 29 years.

The house lights went out and a roar went up. We could see a silhouette of  Ian Astbury all dressed in black with dark shades. He looked very Jim Morrison like. Funnily enough the last time I saw Ian sing was when he was fronting Doors of the 21st Century, so for me this was a win win situation - Jim Morrison is one of my idols.

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The first song of the night is also the first song on the new album - "Dark Energy". Ian had a tambourine which ended up being a big feature of the set - he handed out quite a few during the night. The new song  went down well and was quickly followed by two classics: "Rain" and "Wildflower".  The venue was buzzing as not many bands would start off  with songs that would usually be played at the end.

Throughout the night there is a good mixture of old and new songs. Billy Duffy was an immense guitarist, standing at the front with his windmill swinging arms and a few guitar changes. He was mesmerising to watch.

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"Sanctuary" was the best song of the evening. As soon as I heard the first few notes I got  goose bumps on my arms and was transported back to my teenage years. This has always been a great song, the crowd lapped it up. Ian was having a ball dancing around the stage and kept asking the crowd to join in. I happily obliged even thought my older bones now can't  jump around like my mind wants me to (it still thinks I am a teenager!). I did it anyway and joined in clapping and singing along. There were people on top of other people's shoulders who didn't look like they were old enough to even been around the last time The Cult played Aberdeen. That's why music is great as it has no age limit.

At the end of the show Billy thanked the crowd for the sold out gig, and added that he hoped it won't  be so long until the next time.... we hope so too.

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