the Beards @ the Lemon tree Aberdeen


Aberdeen’s bearded community came out in force to see what The Beards were all about. The band certainly lived up to their name, with 3 albums all about beards and a new one on the way it was no surprise every song was about beards!

Even though the band are a comedy concept their musical talents are excellent. Lead singer Johann Beardraven had a good voice and often played the saxophone and keyboard. The rest of the band comprised of John Beardman Jr on drums, Nathaniel Beard on bass and Facey McStubblington on guitar, all sporting beautiful examples of facial hair.

A renamed ‘A-beard-een’ was treated to a hilarious show from the boys. There were many comical interludes and as many beard puns as you could think of. Crowd interaction was rife, and punters were actively encouraged to stroke the band’s (and each other’s) beards! 
They played such songs as “I Like Beards”, “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Moms” and “This Beard Stays”.

Their musical style varied between songs. It was mostly rocky but there was some blues and jazz thrown in. There was the haunting sound of “Beard Accessory Store”, and the more upbeat rock ballad they ended with called “You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man”.


Words By Sally Morrison



the Beards @ the Lemon tree  Aberdeen March 2014